“Purpose sets out the foundations of our business: what we depend on, how we work and the value we create to support the world and the challenges it faces. It provides the fundamental building blocks that enable us to act on our goals and make progress towards our long-term commitments”


Our Purpose is core to the success of our business. It is vital to ensuring we grow and improve our business in a sustainable and responsible way, through a relentless focus on performance improvement, focused growth and value creation for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that a culture of strong governance, ethics and integrity is embedded within our business.

Our purpose is as simple as it is ambitious,
we are ‘Building our World’.

What we depend on
  • Our people
  • Natural capital
  • Investment in our assets
  • Supply chain partners
  • Customers
  • Government policy
  • Support from communities
How we work
  • Business code of conduct
  • Responsible & ethical
  • Inclusive & diverse
  • Prioritising safety and wellbeing
  • Continuous improvement
  • Right first time
  • Collaborative
The value we create
  • Essential materials
  • Innovative products
  • Whole life performance
  • Social value
  • Low carbon solutions
  • Natural capital

In 2022, our parent company, CRH, unveiled our new shared purpose – “We stand together to reinvent the way our world is built”. Our new values have been developed alongside our purpose to replace the Tarmac Way. As we redefined our purpose, we took the opportunity to refresh our values, pillars, and vision. These may look a little different, but they retain all of the underlying meaning of our original values – but we’ve made them bigger and more future-proof.

CRH Purpose

Upholding good business conduct

Our culture as a company is built on our commitment to upholding Tarmac values, in particular doing what we say and leading with integrity. This means we do the right things in the right way, comply with the law and work responsibly. To ensure that we are continuously meeting these values, everyone who works for Tarmac has a duty to understand and abide by our Code of Business Conduct.

CRH business code of conduct

Modern slavery

Tarmac is a responsible and ethical business and, as part of our established Procurement and Human Resources processes, we are committed to respecting human and labour rights and take all reasonable steps to ensure that modern slavery (in any form) does not take place in our business and wider sphere of influence such as in our supply chain.

To help raise awareness of this important issue with our employees across the business, the company has developed a short e-learning module. The module sets out to provide a summary of what modern slavery is and the potential risks it poses to our business. It also gives an overview of our policies, systems and processes to prevent modern slavery, the key signs of modern slavery and how to identify them and confirms the arrangements we have in place for employees to report any concerns.

Read - Tarmac Modern Slavery Statement

Financial reporting

Tarmac is an operating company of CRH PLC and as such our 2022 financial performance and tax contributions are disclosed in the CRH PLC financial reports.