Our Sustainability Strategy

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This sustainability strategy, launched in 2021, sets out the third phase of our sustainability journey, covering the next 10 years and beyond. It builds on the significant progress we have made to date and our recognition of the challenges ahead.


Our strategy is founded on whole life thinking and pushing the boundaries to develop innovative solutions, which help our customers create sustainable buildings and infrastructure. Our strategy aims to ensure Tarmac continues to remain well positioned to meet sustainability challenges now and in the future, and support our customers and communities to do the same.

This strategy builds on our previous achievements, prioritises the issues that are most important to our business and our stakeholders and defines long term commitments and goals under 3 key themes; People, Planet and Solutions.

We aim to embed sustainability into everything we do and our sustainability governance hierarchy helps us to do this. Tarmac’s Executive Committee is responsible for setting and delivering the strategy, with actions and programmes delegated to business units and functions. We undertake a formal annual review of our strategy working with our Sustainability Steering Group and External Sustainability Panel, to ensure its continuing appropriateness and high level of ambition.

Read the Message from our external sustainability panel here.

At Tarmac, we are aligned with CRH and their new sustainability framework which identifies three rapidly emerging and hard to solve global challenges for the built environment and society - decarbonisation, waste and water. The world that we see emerging today is more complex than ever. With a rapidly growing population and cities already at capacity, climate change and demands on resources, there are significant challenges for the built environment and the infrastructure needed to support these expanding populations.

To meet these demands, society must move quickly to plan for growth and provide the efficient and resilient buildings, infrastructure and utilities, such as clean water, affordable energy, transport and telecommunications, that are essential for modern life. We are investing our efforts to develop strong sustainability foundations around protecting the natural world, helping our people and communities to thrive and standing out as a responsible business.

CRH Sustainability Framework

What’s important

Tarmac's sustainability priorities have been identified through a materiality assessment aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. Our material issues are also considered in the context of the wider impact on the value chain and how they contribute to other initiatives such as the UNs Sustainable Deveolpment Goals (SDGs). The materiality assessment aims to ensure that Tarmac has accurately and objectively identified the most important sustainability issues for the business and assess our ability to create value for stakeholders and wider society.


Sustainability is about securing long-term success for our business, customers and communities by continually improving environmental, social and economic performance throughout the whole life cycle of our products, services and solutions

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