Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust Partnership


“Our woodland creation programme is not just centred on planting trees, but also about bringing people together to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of creating new woodland. It will be great to welcome Tarmac’s employees to our events where they will get to see first-hand the woodland we have planted and get involved too.”

Leah Galloway, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

During 2020 we launched our new volunteering initiative in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT). The ‘People and the Planet’ commitment will see Tarmac complete 7,700 hours of volunteering over the next ten years with the Lancashire-based charity. YDMT will be managing several volunteering activities including planting trees, woodland management and removal of old plastic tree protectors.  Richard Kirwin, area director at Tarmac said: “We’re proud to have set out a commitment to work with the YDMT charity over the next ten years. The ‘People and the Planet’ agreement shows our commitment to our local communities and the importance and benefits of volunteering to our colleagues. 


“We launched the new initiative in January and already 120 employees have volunteered to take part in 2020, showing a fantastic level of interest. We look forward to seeing the results of the teams’ hard work in helping the Yorkshire Dales to continue to be a great place to work and visit.” 

In addition to the volunteering programme, Tarmac will also be providing YDMT with opportunity to organise visits to their sites through several “Rock to Road tours”, which explain how quarried stone from the national parks is used to maintain the regions road network. 

Over the period of March to September we donated £28,000 which has supported the planting of 1,800 trees in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas offsetting an estimated 300 tonnes of carbon and provided opportunities for the education and development of 250 people from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

A small group of Tarmac employees volunteered to remove hundreds of redundant tree tubes from Bargh Wood, a YDMT supported woodland near Stainforth, for recycling and completed other tasks such as weeding and tree guard straightening. Steve shared: ‘“We’re delighted to have finally been able to kick-off the, COVID-19 delayed, start to our new 10-year partnership with YDMT, getting boots on the ground and making a difference in the community where we operate. Together, we removed more than 1,000 tree tubes from the wood, reducing plastic pollution, and helped to ensure the planting we had undertaken last winter can continue to thrive.”

Seven YDMT environmental conservation apprentices and four members of YDMT staff set off on a snowy morning to visit Dry Rigg Quarry at Helwith Bridge. One Apprentice said “I had no idea that Dry Rigg was one of only 6 quarries across the north of England that supply all of the dense gritstone used for such jobs as airport runways and motorway junctions.” The group learned an overview of how the quarry worked at present, what the plans for the future were and learnt about the wildlife that lives in and around the quarry. Our apprentices quizzed staff about equal opportunities in the quarry industry. Jo, YDMT’s Rural Trainees Project Office shared: ‘It was good for apprentices to see how much the quarry is doing environmentally, and to find out what job opportunities there might be. We came away with many preconceptions about quarries having been turned on their heads, and it felt like a really good place to work.’

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