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Women’s PPE now available


“A number of teams across the business have all worked hard to ensure we got the right products available for our female colleagues.”

Peter Buckley Senior Vice President, UK and Ireland

As part of Tarmac’s commitment to safety and supporting women in our workplace we launched a new range of PPE designed for our female colleagues.

We have previously been among the first in our sector to offer maternity PPE. This important milestone for our business came from high volumes of feedback from female colleagues about PPE, lack of smaller sizes available and poor fitting alternatives being used, which affects their ability to work practically and comfortably.

Our Inclusion and Diversity team, colleagues from our Female Voice community and group Procurement worked collaboratively to process feedback, review alternatives and engage suppliers to ensure we got the right solution. Supported by our health and safety team we have now been able to find safe and practical women’s PPE which is fit for purpose.

The full range of new items has also been extensively tested across the business and is now in stock to order.