Responsible Supply Chain

Tarmac Decarbonisation Club


“A core driver in reducing carbon is through collaborative commercial arrangements with suppliers, which is why we are delighted to have created the Decarbonisation Club.”

Lee Green, Head of Category Management, Procurement

To meet the significant challenges for our industry and push towards our net zero targets we have to deepen our relationships, build trust and work closely with our key suppliers.

In 2021 we hosted a Tarmac Supplier Sustainability Week to ensure our suppliers understand how important sustainability and our drive to net zero is and to understand how we can work together to reach our sustainability goals.

The Tarmac Decarbonisation Club has been created to discuss with our key suppliers’ ideas and identify actions they can take to reduce their carbon emissions and how they can help Tarmac to reduce our own emissions.

Suppliers were asked to share an initial carbon footprint of their business and to assemble five key stakeholders across their business to undertake a carbon value creation workshop with five respective representatives from across Tarmac.

This new forum will be a regular place for suppliers to have ongoing discussions around carbon, share best practices across the supply chain and further test ideas for future innovations.Currently 16 suppliers have been included, and these suppliers make up 30% of our scope 3 emissions.

From these Decarbonisation Club meetings 120 ideas have been generated and 60% of these ideas use technology that is either currently available or will be within the next two years. The 120 ideas have been mapped on to a MAC curve and judged against three main criteria to help us understand which projects are best to start with. The three main criteria are the cost, time scale it would take to implement and potential carbon savings.

We will now continue to hold regular Decarbonisation Club meetings with these 16 suppliers to establish the next steps we can take to put some of these ideas into action.

Lee Green, Head of Category Management, Procurement, said: “This forum will create better engagement and enable more open discussions around spend and carbon share in the supply chain that will help us more towards net zero.”