Sustainability awareness programme


In 2019 we launched a communications programme which focused on three key sustainability issues; water, waste and energy that can be tackled by making changes in our offices.

We covered waste and energy during this year, with water to be completed in early 2020. The programme set out to raise awareness of each issue, identify opportunities for improvement, empowering employees to take action and celebrating what has been achieved. Each section was covered over a six-week period, during which we provided information on the issue, a poster to display, top tips on how individuals can take action in their offices and at home and case studies showcasing the great work going on across Tarmac.


The waste section of the programme focused on reducing, reusing and recycling waste in our offices. To help raise awareness of the importance of correct recycling, our main waste management company Biffa visited some of our main offices to provide us with some top tips. Many of our offices and employees had already started taking action by switching single use plastic cups to reusable bottles, this has significantly reduced our plastic and paper cup use.

The energy section of the programme focused on saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions and encouraging colleagues to switch off appliances that are not in use. Most offices focused on reducing their energy consumption by switching off appliances and lights. One of our offices that has a lab on site made some great savings by optimising the use of their most energy intensive equipment.

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