Environmental Stewardship

Reptile relocation at Bellhouse Quarry


“This has been a brilliant project which Tarmac and Bellhouse quarry management team have paid a great deal of attention to. The reptiles are key components of the functioning ecosystem and it’s very rewarding element of the wider restoration project.”

Henry Andrews, an ecologist with a wealth of experience of wildlife relocation

We are committed to supporting wildlife and biodiversity across the UK, preserving populations of protected species and enhancing their habitats. An example of this is the reptile translocation and habitat creation completed at its Bellhouse quarry in Essex.

The northern area of the permitted extractive area of Bellhouse quarry hosted a population of reptiles. The creation and enhancement of habitat for this population of reptiles was a fundamental part of the design of the restoration for the site.

A section of the quarry has now been dedicated to the creation of a suitable habitat for this population of reptiles, including common lizards, slow worms and grass snakes. Further areas of reptile habitat will be created along the restoration process to allow the reptile population to expand and grow.

Enrique Moran Montero, National Restoration Manager said, “We’re very proud to have facilitated the translocation of these reptiles as part of our ongoing restoration efforts. Over 18 hectares of UK priority habitats have been established at this quarry as part of our progressive restoration works with 60Ha more to come for the local wildlife to establish and thrive.”

“The restoration phase of a quarry provides so many opportunities to promote local fauna and flora, and we pride ourselves of making the most of this land. From nature reserves, to parks and wildlife learning zones for schools to use, we always strive to make the most of the land for the benefit of the local community and wildlife.”

Although UK reptiles can be found in a wide range of places, some of these animals are now rare and they require careful management. Several hibernacula’s, places where animals seek refuge over winter such as caves and other similar shelters, have also been constructed to provide home to the reptiles during the winter months.