Inclusion and Diversity at Birmingham Asphalt & Concrete plant


“The Birmingham team really approached this with open minds and gave him a chance to meet them and demonstrate his passion and skills that were not so obvious on paper or through his previous work history.”

Samantha Bagshaw, resourcing manager

As part of our inclusion and diversity plan, we aim to recruit and retain the best talent that reflects the communities in which we work; ensuring open and inclusive processes are in place. As part of Tarmac’s commitment to support local communities, we looked to make a positive contribution to the community surrounding our new facility at Washwood Heath, by supporting employment opportunities.


Washwood Heath is an asphalt and aggregates depot built just a few miles outside Birmingham city centre to service HS2, and it is set to supply hundreds of thousands of tonnes of material to the West Midlands each year.

Our HR and site management team partnered local charities

  • St. Basil’s and Ending Youth Homelessness to recruit and support the community.   St Basils works with young people to enable them to find and keep a home, grow their confidence, develop their skills, increase opportunities, and prevent homelessness.
  • Ending Youth Homelessness, EYH, a charity that helps young people who face challenges of homelessness.

This supported our strategy to ensure that it prioritised inclusion and diversity in our resourcing, but also to ensure that recruitment within in the immediate vicinity of the site and made a positive impact to the local community. There was lots of interest from the local EYH centre and St. Basil’s in the opportunity to work at Washwood Heath and we guaranteed all those interested were given an interview. As well as the lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19, the team faced quite a few obstacles in arranging interviews as homelessness brings challenges to things, we often take for granted, such as access to Wi-Fi, a laptop, a suitable space, etc. However, the team persevered and adjusted the process as needed. 

We were delighted to offer a candidate a permanent operative role. His St Basil’s Partnership Officer said: “I called and gave him the good news and he is overjoyed, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone this happy since the pandemic started, this is a major turning point in his life and will make a positive impact, and he is over the moon.”

Sam Bagshaw, Resourcing Manager, Tarmac, said: “This is a candidate who would have struggled to follow the usual application process in terms of access to technology and a CV that really did not do him justice. He would undoubtedly have fallen out of the process without support, from EYH, Hays and us, so I am so pleased that all these efforts were not in vain.”

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