Colleagues help national vaccination effort


“We value Tarmac as a partner and the high-quality work the business carries out for us across Walsall. We appreciate the kind gesture towards the employees who have been nothing short of inspirational throughout the pandemic.”

Kathryn Moreton, Head of Highways and Transport and Walsall Council

Our contracting team in Walsall supplied COVID-19 vaccination employees with a new set of jackets when they spotted them working hard in challenging weather conditions. The employees included marshals and traffic volunteers guiding the busy traffic in the city centre each day, despite cold and wet weather conditions.

Steven Chapman, Contracts Manager said: “It’s lovely to be able to give back and provide a little support to those helping with COVID-19 vaccinations. The cold really hits in the evening especially during their colder night shifts.

“After seeing their dedication, I have offered up some of my spare time to volunteer in the evenings. Around 700 to 1,000 people travel to the centre to get vaccinated every day. This includes many high-risk groups who need support and guidance in finding their way to the centre. As a volunteer, I help direct the crowds, ensuring they are following guidelines and queuing safely.”

Tarmac’s work in Walsall includes maintaining the Borough’s highways assets, delivering a range of services including road resurfacing, specialist surface treatments and gully cleansing.

Another colleague, Marian Jarvis, Governance Assistant, found herself like many others furloughed last year and wanting to volunteer her spare time to the NHS to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. Just before the festive break, Marian was contacted by the NHS and asked to join the COVID vaccination team. She said: ‘’I’ve really been enjoying my time as part of the COVID-19 vaccination team. I’ve had my first vaccine and I feel that I am doing my bit to help during this really difficult time.”