Responsible Supply Chain

BES6002: Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard


“We remain fully committed to delivering ethical best practice across our business. Achieving BES 6002 verification under the ELS standard is testament to our ongoing work in this area and ensures that we are continuing to meet our customers’ expectations for responsibly sourced construction materials.”

Dr Martyn Kenny, Sustainability Director

BES 6002 is the Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard; it aims to verify a company’s commitment to eliminating any possibility of trafficking or modern slavery in their supply chain.

Tarmac is verified to BES 6002 Ethical Labour Sourcing (ELS) standard, demonstrating our commitment to ethical sourcing practices and ensuring we are continuing to meet our customers’ expectations for responsible sourced construction materials. This standard helps us to ensure we are applying appropriate policies and measures to continuously improve our performance and that of our supply chain.

BRE’s ethical sourcing standard assesses organisations on 12 areas, including management structure and system, learning and development, bribery and corruption, procurement and supply chain management.

Dr Martyn Kenny, Sustainability Director at Tarmac, said: ‘Businesses across construction and all other industries must work together to help eradicate labour exploitation and modern slavery to protect the safety and well-being of the workforce.”